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Whether you're going to the beach or having a "stay-cation" at home, Memorial Day weekend calls for cookouts, get-togethers and fun with family and friends. Rain or shine, there will be lots of entertaining.

Plan an easy barbecue, or have your fridge stocked for drop-in company. Eddie's has everything you need  to feed your friends and enjoy the weekend as well.

Stock up on steaks and burgers to throw on the grill. Rib eye steaks and sirloin burgers are always great for grilling. For a change of pace, try our lamb patties, or sirloin burgers flavored with bacon-cheddar or sweet onion. Grill some corn on the cob and jazz it up with mayo, Parmesan and chili powder for our rendition of Cuban street corn (see our recipe for The Best Grilled Corn on the Cob).

That's it for cooking. Just grab a few salads from our Gourmet to Go case to complement your steaks and burgers. Our Berkeley Potato Salad is made with steamed Yukon Gold potatoes tossed in a tangy whole-grain mustard dressing. Another customer favorite is our Crab and Corn Coleslaw, full of backfin crabmeat. Sample it  this Friday, May 25 at our Charles Street location from 11-2. We will also be introducing our new Tricolored Tortellini Salad with Shrimp.

A cookout isn't complete without watermelon and dessert. Our store-made Key Lime Tart or Blueberry Pie would be a delicious ending for casual entertaining.

Don't forget to open a chilled bottle of Esprit Gassier Rosé -- the perfect pairing for Memorial Day celebrations. Enjoy the holiday!

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