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Big Bold Burgers

Grilling season is here, and what could be more delicious and more popular than the All-American burger? We all know that burgers on the grill always taste great, no matter how you flip them!

You don't need to be Daniel Boulud with a foie gras and black truffle burger to add that "wow factor" to your grilled masterpiece. Here are a few tips and some new products in our aisles that will add variety and pure deliciousness to your burger.

Grilling with Gusto

Grilling can be an easy and fun way to cook food, but that doesn't mean your approach has to be simple. With just a little extra effort, you can add great flavor to everything you grill. Here are some delicious ways to maximize flavor as you grill.

RUBS: Spice blends that are applied directly on the surface of meats, fish and poultry. Be careful to check the salt content of the rub, so you can estimate how much to apply. The more you add, the more flavor goes on your product. Try local favorites Rick’s Ragin’ Island Jerk Rub or Todd’s Bayou Dirt.

The Flavors of Spring

When you see the floral baskets and bags of charcoal in the front of the store, you know that warmer weather is on the horizon. You can almost capture the fragrant aroma of spring in the air.

We Are SO Over Winter

Just as we see a glimmer of sunshine on the horizon, we're hit with another wintry mix. When will this mess end? Haven't we done enough scraping, shoveling and salting? Can we break out the grill yet?

Impress Your Valentine

Roses, chocolates, lobster, wine ... a little bit of Barry White playing in the background, and there you have the makings of a romantic evening. If Valentine's Day's over-the-top expectations turn you off, and if the thought of waiting in a crowded restaurant for an overpriced meal from a special, abbreviated Valentine's menu leaves you cold, then we have just the solution: Eddie's Valentine's Dinner for Two.

Big Game, Big Appetites

We're gearing up for the biggest football game of the season and the second-biggest eating day next to Thanksgiving. The Big Game stirs up lots of excitement and lots of anticipation. Whether the big winner is the Seahawks or the Patriots, one thing is for certain: there won't be any "deflated" appetites among game watchers!

Foods, Fads and 2015

2015 is off to a healthy start. We all want to begin the new year with a fresh outlook, a clean slate. But when did "cleansing" become something besides using Dove and Dial? And how did kale turn into the most overused four-letter word? How much energy do we really need to start the day, beyond a good cup of coffee? How about all of the diet trends ... Paleo, South Beach, low-carb and raw? We've all seen the diet fads come and go, along with our fluctuating waistlines.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

We always need ideas for gifts we can pull together quickly, whether it's a little something for the babysitter or hairdresser, that second cousin you don't know very well, or a hostess gift to take to a holiday party. Here are some items on our shelves that go together well -- just package them in a pretty gift bag with some tissue paper, or ask one of our associates in the gift department to put together a basket for you.

Holiday Sparkle is in the Air

Just when we thought it was over … When we finally ate the last of the leftover turkey and scrubbed the final drop of Pinot Noir out of the carpet, it’s time to plan our holiday parties. 

From the first of December through New Year's Day, holiday sparkle is in the air, with family get-togethers, corporate events and small dinner parties.

Helpful Tips for Thanksgiving

We are at that time of the year, between being awash in pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin and dreading the thought of cooking a turkey. Yes, Thanksgiving is upon us.

If you're not accustomed to cooking for the biggest eating day of the year, don't stress. Here are a few tips to help you out. As a guide for organizing your dinner, you can refer to our blog post from November 2013.