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Give Salads a Lift with Berries

Salads are great main-dish meals, especially in summer, when we're less eager to turn on the oven. We all have our favorite green salads, but how often do we mix fruit and greens together? The result can be very refreshing.

Versatile Pesto

Fresh basil pesto is one of the joys of summer. Fragrant, flavorful and green, it's a refreshing change from traditional tomato sauce in pasta dishes. It can liven up a pasta salad, sandwich or omelet, and it's great as a dip for raw vegetables.

A Father's Day Feast

This Father's Day, treat Dad to some of his favorite foods. There's good weather in the forecast, so if he really enjoys cooking on the grill, maybe there will be some barbecuing on the agenda.

Choosing Sides

Cookouts, picnics, family reunions and good friends ... That's what holiday weekends are all about. Fire up the grill with burgers, ribs, hot dogs and steaks for some easy, fun, stress-free entertaining. 

Gifts for Mom

As Mother's Day approaches, we look for ways to show this very special person in our lives that we appreciate all that she does. At Eddie's you can find everything you need to show Mom your love.

A Shortcut to Flavor

Marinating fresh fish is like taking an easy shortcut to flavor. Where beef and poultry may need to marinate for hours, and sometimes days, to ensure that the ingredients penetrate and tenderize the meat, fish needs only minutes of marinating to impart flavor into its delicate tissue.

Tasteful Traditions for the Spring Holidays

The spring holidays of Passover and Easter are fast approaching. Holiday plans are under way, along with the added stress involved with preparing and entertaining. Eddie's catering allows you to keep up with traditions and enjoy your celebration, too.

Easy Entertaining with a Cheese Board

Now that we're starting to come out of hibernation after that awful winter, we're thinking about entertaining again. One of the easiest ways to put a party together -- especially at the last minute, or when you have precious little time to prepare -- is to assemble a cheese board. There's no cooking required, and you can set it up in advance. If you plan well, you won't need too much else in the way of hors d'oeuvres, and if it's a cocktail party rather than dinner, the lion's share of the work is done!

March Goes Out Like a Lamb

With the rough weather behind us, we can slowly catch a glimpse of spring. Spring greens, roasted asparagus, fresh herbs and spring lamb find their way to our tables. As the spring holidays approach, lamb becomes the centerpiece, with ethnic and biblical significance in both Easter and Passover.

Refresh Your Pantry for Spring

Spring is almost here! You can smell it in the air. Let go of winter and let spring fever take hold! You can bring that freshness of spring into your home by making these simple changes in your pantry: reorganize, rotate and refresh.

First, get rid of excess. Throw away those items that are expired or have been open for more than a year and have either lost their potency or become stale.