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Big Bold Burgers

Grilling season is here, and what could be more delicious and more popular than the All-American burger? We all know that burgers on the grill always taste great, no matter how you flip them!

You don't need to be Daniel Boulud with a foie gras and black truffle burger to add that "wow factor" to your grilled masterpiece. Here are a few tips and some new products in our aisles that will add variety and pure deliciousness to your burger.

First, start with freshly ground chuck. Our butchers grind beef several times a day to ensure that you have the freshest product.The natural marbling in this cut of beef produces a juicy and flavorful burger. Handle the meat as little as possible when preparing your patty. A little salt and pepper on the outside is all you need. Next, top your burger with a few key ingredients to enhance and complement the delicious flavor of the grilled beef. If you're a bacon lover, try Uncured Smoked Duck Bacon by D'Artagnan, available at our Roland Avenue store. Or, try a dollop of Stonewall Kitchen's Maple Bacon Onion Jam to impart a sweet smoky flavor.

If you love the fresh crunchiness of veggies, try new Wildbrine Raw Fermented Kimchi to add a spicy pickled flavor to your burger. To add an earthy, meaty element, saute KSK Gourmet Blend mushrooms, a combination of shiitake, portabello, cremini and oyster mushrooms.

Cheese adds so much to a burger. Add bold flavors with Maytag Blue Iowa Cave-Cured Cheese, or Smoked Gouda from Holland.

For the finishing touches of your gourmet burger, add a drizzle or smear of new Just Mayo Chipotle Mayonnaise or Stonewall Kitchen's Roasted Garlic Aioli as your "special sauce," on our soft, store-baked onion roll.

So, go ahead and fire up that grill. Bring out your personal best with new big and bold flavors from Eddie's.