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The Flavors of Spring

When you see the floral baskets and bags of charcoal in the front of the store, you know that warmer weather is on the horizon. You can almost capture the fragrant aroma of spring in the air.

That aromatic freshness of spring can be carried over in your cooking, just by adding a few seasonal ingredients. First, visualize the season. What flashes into your mind when you think spring? Tall green stalks of fennel with its feathery fronds ... fresh herbs like cool mint and licorice-y tarragon ... bright citrus from the zest of lemons, limes and oranges ... vibrant greens from peppery arugula or sweet baby peas?

Our recipes can easily be altered to capture that flavor of spring. Truffled Raw Asparagus Salad can be prepared as is, or you can add fresh peas and chopped mint for an extra burst of flavor. Eddie's Grilled Wild Mushroom Pizza is an amazing spring appetizer or main dish, especially when topped with fresh baby arugula, then drizzled with a peppery extra virgin olive oil just as the pizza comes out of the oven. Pair with a cool crisp Sancerre wine and you have captured the essence of spring! Some recipes are completely fine on their own. Our Artichoke and Mushroom Chicken is a perfect spring entree, with its lemony wine sauce and artichoke hearts.

You can easily brighten the flavor of your own recipes as well. Add a little zip to your steamed asparagus or roasted brussels sprouts by preparing a citrus vinaigrette with the zest and juice of lemon, lime or orange, chopped fresh dill or parsley, and a splash of olive oil. Drizzle this mixture over your veggies just before serving. Send your basic roast chicken over the top by placing the chicken in the roasting pan on a bed of fresh sliced lemon, fennel, carrots, onions and rosemary. Stuff cut lemon in the cavity of the chicken with more fresh rosemary. Serve the chicken with the roasted, caramelized vegetables from the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle fresh wisps of fennel fern for that aromatic "spring" finish.

Now is the time to get into the spring groove. Think and visualize fresh and vibrant, and you will enjoy and savor the season.