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Foods, Fads and 2015

2015 is off to a healthy start. We all want to begin the new year with a fresh outlook, a clean slate. But when did "cleansing" become something besides using Dove and Dial? And how did kale turn into the most overused four-letter word? How much energy do we really need to start the day, beyond a good cup of coffee? How about all of the diet trends ... Paleo, South Beach, low-carb and raw? We've all seen the diet fads come and go, along with our fluctuating waistlines.

Greener pastures are in the forefront with avocados (good fat), pistachios (the favorite nut besides Aunt Betty) and matcha (not a new word game, but green tea in its powdered form). Sugar and sweets are taking a back seat to bitter: bitter greens, bitter chocolate, bitter coffee and bitter spices, all described as good for us.

One of the hot items on the list of grocery trends for 2015 is delivery service. Consumers are busier than ever and are relying more and more on this service. Delivery service is nothing new for Eddie's. We have been doing this for decades! You can rely on us to deliver your favorite greens, whole grain breads and the freshest, most delicious prepared foods to support a healthier new year.

We can satisfy the pickiest palate or the trendiest request. Whether flexitarian, Paleo, vegan or something else, we can follow your list and deliver the groceries right to your home or office.

Food trends will come and go, but a varied, flavorful diet covering the basic food groups is really all you need, along with sensible portion control. At Eddie's we are right there with you for a delicious, happy and healthy 2015.