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Things are looking quite different at our Roland Avenue store these days. We hope you will visit us this holiday season to experience our new features and amenities for yourself. 


Happening Now:

  • • All major construction has been completed, and we are putting the finishing touches on in-store displays and signage

  • • A brand new, expanded salad bar island has been installed near the front of the store

  • • Our new self-serve soup bar is open next to the gourmet-to-go department

  • • Our candy department is now serving freshly brewed Zeke’s Coffee by the cup


What We've Accomplished:

  • • We have a new vestibule with two entrances featuring automatic doors and tons of large windows to let in natural light

  • • Every department has been upgraded with new fixtures, lighting, and electronic signage

  • • We have installed new flooring and shelving, and we have exposed the ceiling’s wood beams adding architectural character

  • • Our kitchen has been completely gutted and rebuilt with a larger workspace and state-of-the-art equipment






Exciting Changes are Happening!


Customers who, for decades, have cherished Eddie’s traditional services and recipes will soon have state-of-the-art amenities to compliment the company’s time-honored charm, as Eddie’s of Roland Park is currently undergoing a landmark, multiphase renovation project—bringing upgraded features and a polished new look to its 5113 Roland Avenue store. Please note, we may limit the number of people inside at one time due to constricted floorspace during construction. Thanks for your business and understanding during our transformation!


Happening Now:

  • •  Our storefront is looking a lot different these days! We have removed the steel on the front façade and have made substantial headway on our vestibule and canopy for a future dining area
  • •  The Produce department is temporarily moved to the south end of the store while construction occurs on what will be the new produce department near the entrance
  • •  We’re making space for a larger walk-around salad bar
  • •  Our kitchen is being completely gutted and rebuilt with a larger workspace and state-of-the-art equipment
  • •  Work continues on the remainder of the center store to raise the floor, expose the ceiling and install new shelving

Expected Completion in September:

  • • Finished Produce Department
  • • Enlarged Salad Bar
  • • Open Sidewalk
  • • Outdoor Customer Sitting Area
  • • The Rest of the Grocery Shelves
  • • In-Aisle Fine Wine Department

Please see a staffer if you need help finding where your favorites have been relocated to!







What We've Accomplished:

  • • New Frozen Food Aisle
  • • Center Store Grocery Shelves & Refrigerated Beer Case
  • • Produce Multi-deck
  • • Refrigerated, windowed Meat Cutting Space
  • • Meat & Seafood Counter
  • • Prepared Foods Counter
  • • Self-Service Soup Bar
  • • ADA Compliant Customer Restrooms
  • • Water Bottle Filling Station
  • • High-Efficiency Lights throughout much of the store
  • • Exposed, high ceilings in our former Liquor Dept space and much of the center store
  • • Finalize selection of equipment
  • • Installation of new vertical materials lift
  • • Basement walls, flooring, and electricity
  • • Breakroom, stock rooms and offices
  • • Installation of new prep room
  • • Back-of-house stairways
  • •  Permitting
  • •  Public Announcement




Read all about it!


“This is incredibly exciting for us,” said Eddie’s of Roland Park vice president Michael Schaffer, the third-generation co-owner who is helping steer the remodel to success. “It has literally been years in the planning, and my family is grateful to the longtime shoppers and devoted fans who have been cheering on this process with great anticipation.” 

The store will remain open throughout the remodel, with construction set to begin as early as June and last up to 15 months—including a pause during the busy holiday shopping season. Initial phase work will include the store’s basement and façade—including an expansive, steel cantilevered canopy erected front and center above the main entrance, which will provide protection from the weather, a shaded place for seating, and location for outdoor events. 

“This store was destined to be a place for gathering,” stated Nancy Cohen, president/co-owner and daughter of the late Victor Cohen, who founded the store. “My father always felt that the key to a successful business was treating your customers like family, making them feel at home. This store is rich with history, and we hope to share some of that story through the interiors, while introducing many new elements to heighten the Eddie’s shopping experience.” 

“Eddie’s of Roland Park has been an anchor to the Roland Park community for decades, dedicated to a high level of customer service in a neighborhood setting,” said Doug Bothner, a frequent Eddie’s shopper and partner at Ziger|Snead Architects, the project’s design firm. “We are honored to be working with Eddie’s to bring needed updates and improvements to the shopping experience to ensure a sustainable future for the store.”

The project has earned the support of the Roland Park Civic League and Wyndhurst Improvement Association and involves an array of local partners, including Morabito Consultants, FSi Engineers, Birchfield Jacobs Foodsystems, Morris & Ritchie Associates, Inc., Flux Studio Ltd, Proutt Consulting, and Lewis Contractors.

The design will include more windows inviting natural light into the retail space, as well as LED illumination, improved circulation, and new, energy-efficient refrigeration and freezer cases throughout the store. The shopping experience will also feel more open, thanks to an exposed wood ceiling, wider aisles, improved flow and wayfinding—along with nearly 1,000 additional square feet of retail space including all-new shelving, fixtures and categorization. 

Full-service departments such as deli, bakery, cheese, coffee and gourmet-to-go will receive a complete upgrade—outfitted with new equipment and modernized signage. In produce, shoppers will enjoy a significantly expanded salad bar, a centralized wine and spirits department, and—similar to its North Charles Street location—Eddie’s signature catering service will move near checkout, making it more convenient for customers to order. 

Additional amenities will include a new vestibule with automated doors, water fountain with bottle filler, and two front-of-house, gender-neutral public restrooms. 

While the past year has posed numerous challenges to the grocery and retail industries, Eddie’s of Roland Park has continued to thrive—recently generating national attention with an award from the National Grocers Association and a February cover story in Progressive Grocer magazine about the state of independently-owned grocery stores. 

“Eddie’s of Roland Park worked hard throughout 2020 to retain its tradition of personalized, community-minded service, and succeeded brilliantly,” the article noted. 

“The year was not without its difficulties,” admitted Cohen. “But we have a wonderful staff that really pulled together. Between our employees’ dedication, the loyalty of our community and vendors, and now this amazing project finally getting underway—there is a lot to be optimistic about and thankful for.”

Eddie’s of Roland Park was founded as “Victor’s Market” by the late Victor Cohen, in 1944. Renowned for its classic deli, exceptional prepared foods, gourmet catering, premium customer service, and superior grocery selection specializing in local products, Eddie’s of Roland Park is an independent, family-owned grocer, with locations at 5113 Roland Avenue and 6213 North Charles Street, in Baltimore, Maryland. 

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