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Savor the Old, Welcome the New

As 2016 begins, we look back and reflect over the past year. A historian may recount the political events of the year. A designer may look back at style trends. But an epicurean will relive the memorable flavors, dishes and "bites" of the year.

Sit back and re-experience those aromas, tastes and textures of your favorite dishes of 2015. What new foods did you discover? What foods did you try that you would never have eaten five years ago?

In 2015, were our food habits getting healthier, or were whole grains and leafy greens tasting better?  Who would have thought that one of our customers would drive 20 miles for our New World Quinoa Salad? (She did.) Better yet, we've had a few customers say they had a craving for our Quinoa and Kale Salad. Who would have thought that an organic beef hot dog topped with kimchi, garlic aioli and salted peanuts would taste so over-the-top?

On a more decadent note ... remember the Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese? It may not have been the healthiest dish of 2015, but it was sure delicious and memorable! These are all dishes and products that we sold in our prepared foods case or provided as a tasting at one of our weekly events.

We had lots of new favorites in the aisles and along the shelves. Bacon became more popular than ever in 2015. Just as we were getting used to turkey bacon, duck bacon made its mark. D'Artagnan Uncured Duck Bacon is leaner than pork bacon and crisps up perfectly. Don't pour off the rendered duck fat drippings. Use them for sauteeing brussels sprouts or roasting potatoes.

Yogurt hit new heights in 2015. You can drink it, spoon it, freeze it and smear it. Cava Tzatziki is much more than a yogurt dip. Try it with roasted meats or spread on a sandwich. Last but not least, 2015 had a sweet ending with new Savannah Bee Winter White Honey: pure, raw honey with a smooth and creamy texture comparable to the texture of marshmallow or icing. The beautiful winter white color was as beautiful as it was delicious. Spread it on bread or fruit, add it to tea, or just enjoy it right off the spoon.

These are just a few of the noteworthy flavors of 2015 that we can still continue to savor. Let's ring in 2016 with the anticipation of culinary surprises to come. To all of our friends and staff, have a happy, healthy and delicious New Year.