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Artisanal Love

One of the most fun places to explore in a specialty grocery store is the cheese department. The variety of flavors, textures, smells and artisanal love that go into each type of cheese can be overwhelming and confusing. This combination of love and craftsmanship goes way beyond bacteria and enzymes.

However, one does not usually eat cheese alone. Yes, a good bottle of wine is always welcome, but the variety of flatbreads, spreads and fruits now available take the experience to a whole new level. You can create your own unique handcrafted cheese board from this one island in the store.

Start with a few different textures. For example, plate a soft, spreadable cheese, such as Capra Goat Cheese with Honey or Vermont Creamery Goat Cheese. Then add a mild, smooth, nutty-flavored cheese. Vera, our Charles Street cheese manager, recommends Etorki Basque Sheep’s Milk Cheese. Add a firm Manchego from Spain and finally, add Maytag Blue Cheese …  aged and crumbly, with that characteristic sharpness and tang not meant for the timid!

This variety of cheeses needs the right complements. Figs pair amazingly well with these cheeses. Dalmatia Fig Spread adds just enough sweetness and flavor to contrast with the cheese. Or, go beyond the ordinary with Seggiano Calabrian Baked Fig Ball. Imagine 30 fresh figs baked to concentrate the flavor, then wrapped in natural fig leaves. Unwrap the leaves right on your cheese board and you’ve got an impressive presentation.

To finish the platter, add crunch with some Marcona almonds and a crisp flatbread, such as Rustic Bakery Hazelnut Pan Forte Crostini. Throw in the unexpected with Lark’s Cookies for Grown-ups. These little gems are savory cookies meant to be paired with cheese. The Mighty Gingers or the Burnt Sugar and Fennel are perfect to add a taste of autumn to your cheese board.

Feel free to browse through our cheese and charcuterie section to create your own flavor combinations. Don’t forget to ask Ken in our liquor department to top off your selection with the perfect wine pairing.