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A Shortcut to Flavor

Marinating fresh fish is like taking an easy shortcut to flavor. Where beef and poultry may need to marinate for hours, and sometimes days, to ensure that the ingredients penetrate and tenderize the meat, fish needs only minutes of marinating to impart flavor into its delicate tissue.

When marinating fish and other seafood, much of the marinating time depends on the thickness of the filets. For the most part, tuna steaks, swordfish, salmon and halibut need only 10 to 20 minutes to marinate. Longer than 30 minutes may cause the tissue to break down, causing the fish to become mushy or mealy in texture. Keep in mind that when we marinate, we are tenderizing and adding flavor. The acid component of marinades, the lemon juice or vinegar, tenderizes by breaking down the muscle tissue. The flesh of fish is very delicate, so we really don't need to tenderize. We just want to enhance the flavor of the fish.

Fresh tuna steaks are perfect for marinating and grilling. Its texture is not too flaky or delicate and can withstand searing on a hot grill. Tuna also pairs well with citrus flavors, such as lemon and lime. Our Citrus Tuna Topped with Lemony Arugula Salad is delicious and takes only minutes to prepare. The lemony arugula topping is "the icing on the cake." The mixture of peppery arugula with fresh spring peas, scallions and avocado is just waiting to be dressed with the bright mixture of lemon zest, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Topping the grilled tuna with this mixture adds a creative presentation to a dish that is so simple to prepare.

Grilling season is here, so fire up the grill and enjoy fresh seafood and big flavor in minutes.