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A Twist on Tradition

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays where tradition takes front and center. Roast turkey, herbed stuffing, sweet potato casserole and mashed potatoes seem to be the standard menu for this holiday. If you find yourself becoming complacent, bored or uninspired with the whole Thanksgiving meal, then it's time to recharge and reclaim your creative juices by adding a little twist to tradition.

Our Thankgiving menu offers both traditional and new, updated dishes to satisfy everyone. If you're feeding a crowd, try adding another main dish to the traditional turkey. Roast Pork Loin with Cranberry Cornbread Stuffing is a great main dish option, and it makes a beautiful presentation on the holiday table. Mashed Root Vegetables, full of yams, parsnips and turnips, is a delicious option for an additional side dish, as well as the ever-popular Roasted Brussels Sprouts.

Doing your own cooking? Rekindle your culinary creativity with a few tips to brighten your menu. For the turkey, try preparing an herb butter with some orange zest. Spread the butter under the skin of the turkey to add flavor and moisture as the turkey roasts.

Spruce up your stuffing by adding cornbread or a multigrain bread to your ordinary bread cubes. Try using Chabaso Cranberry Pecan Bread mixed with dried apricots, celery and onion for an updated take on traditional herb stuffing. If you enjoy sausage in your stuffing, see our recipe for Savory Sage Stuffing. Mix in cubes of Chabaso Roasted Garlic Ciabatta, then substitute Roma Italian Sausage for the sage sausage as an updated option.

Step up your mashed potatoes by blending Chavrie Goat Cheese, roasted garlic and a drizzle of Bella Famiglia White Truffle Oil, for a unique version of this traditional favorite.

Nothing says tradition more than pumpkin and pecan pie. Serve these a la mode with new Maple's Gelato, in Ginger-Cardamom or Sea Salt Caramel-Almond flavor.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family's favorite traditions. Our philosophy is, savor the old and embrace the new! And don't miss our Thanksgiving Tasting on Saturday, Nov. 15, from 11 to 3 at Roland Avenue, and Sunday, Nov. 16, also from 11 to 3, at Charles Street.