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One Honey of a Holiday

Bringing nourishment and ease to even the simplest of celebrations—Eddie's makes small gatherings extra special with chef-made renditions of your holiday favorites! To order, give us a call or come in to speak with a caterer. Orders require 72 hours’ notice. Curbside pickup and contactless delivery are both available (no minimum order size for delivery—minimum order for platters may apply).

Download a printable PDF of our menu



Rosh Hashanah In-a-Box

Each of these all-inclusive, chef-prepared menus serves 4-6 guests! Order early—availabile while supplies last. Sorry, no substitutions or modifications. Payment required at time of ordering. All sales final.



  • box 149.99

Menu includes:

  • •  Roast Brisket with gravy (3.5 lbs)
  • •  Chicken Soup (2 quarts)
  • •  Matzoh Balls (1 dz)
  • •  Roasted Yukon Gold Potatoes (2 pans)
  • •  Roasted Mixed Vegetables (2 pans)
  • •  Rosendorff’s Traditional Round Challah (1 loaf)
  • •  European Apple Cake (1 small)
  • •  Assorted Rugelach (1⁄2 lb)



  • box 149.99

Menu includes:

  • •  Hand-carved Roast Turkey Breast (3.75 lbs)
  • •  Turkey Gravy (1 qt)
  • •  Traditional Mashed Potatoes (2 pans)
  • •  Green Beans Amandine (2 pans)
  • •  Chicken Soup (2 quarts)
  • •  Matzoh Balls (1 dz) 
  • •  Rosendorff’s Traditional Round Challah (1 loaf)
  • •  European Apple Cake (1 small)
  • •  Assorted Rugelach (1 lb)


Salmon & Corned Beef

  • box 149.99

Menu includes:

  • •  Poached Salmon Display (2 lbs)
  • •  Glazed Corned Beef with mustard and brown sugar (2 lbs)
  • •  Noodle Kugel (2 pans)
  • •  Eddie’s Signature Caesar Salad (2 lbs)
  • •  Rosendorff’s Traditional Round Challah (1 loaf)
  • •  Chocolate Rainbow Ribbon Cake (1 lb)
  • •  Assorted Rugelach (1 lb)




Breaking Fast Platters

Offering Eddie’s classic smoked fish platters and more for your break-fast gathering. Priced per person—6 person minimum. Sorry, no substitutions or modifications. Payment required at time of ordering. All sales final.


Fish Salad Platter

  • per person 12.99

Platter includes: whitefish salad, chopped herring, tuna salad and nova salmon, with tomato, onion, cucumber and olives; served with bagels and cream cheese


New York Smoked Fish Platter

  • per person 15.99
  • per person 18.99 with sable

Platter includes: deluxe assortment of whitefish, kippered salmon and nova salmon, with tomato, onion, cucumber and olives with bagels and cream cheese


Smoked Salmon Platter

  • per person 13.99

Platter includes: perfectly smoked nova salmon on a bed of lettuce, with sliced tomato, onion, cucumber and olives; served with bagels and cream cheese


Fresh Fruit Tray

  • ea 34.99

Small tray includes: sliced kiwi, berries, melon, pineapple, grapes and watermelon (10+ servings)




Lookin' for More?

While holiday ordering and delivery is limited to those items on our complete printed menu, you may find additional heat-and-serve favorites exclusively in-store, beginning September 16.


Fresh Cuts

USDA Choice First-Cut Beef Brisket (vg)

  • lb 9.99

USDA Choice Beef Rib Roast

  • lb 15.99

USDA Prime Whole Beef Tenderoin (from Victor's Meats—only at Roland Aven)

  • untrimmed     lb 26.99

Atlantic Salmon Filet

  • farm-raised     lb 16.99




  • 8" scratch-made: apple, blueberry, cherry, cinnamon raisin, or chocolate     ea 11.99

European Apple Cake

  • 6" scratch-made     ea 7.99

Mondel Bread

  • scratch-made: almond, cinnamon, or marble     lb 13.99

Rainbow Ribbon Cake

  • chocolate or raspberry     lb 10.99


  • scratch-made: apricot, chocolate, cinnamon, or raspberry walnut     lb 13.99

Rosendorff's Honey Cake (local)

  • loaf 10.99

Rosendorff's Round Challah (local)

  • traditional or wheat     loaf 7.29
  • raisin     loaf 7.59


  • all varieties     ea 0.85


À la Carte

Appetizers, Sides, and Heat & Serve Entrées




Made in Maryland

Sweets for a sweet year—from around here! Find these top-quality honeys (along with many more) in our pantry aisle.


Waxing Kara Wildflower Honey

  • 11 oz 21.99

Local: Rich and golden with hints of honeysuckle and jasmine, this raw, unpasteurized honey is harvested in Maryland’s Eastern shore and bottled in Owings Mills.


Really Raw Honey

  • 8 oz 10.29
  • 16 oz 16.19 

Local: For more than 40 years, this Black-owned, family-led Baltimore business has been distributing creamy, smooth, unprocessed wildflower honey harvested in nearby New York state.



Our Promise

Your health and safety is our highest priority. We have optimized this year’s menu to reflect the widest array of holiday favorites we can reasonably fulfill while upholding our high quality standards in tandem with enhanced protective and precautionary measures to support the health and safety of our customers and staff. Learn more about our actions to ensure a safe and reliable grocery shopping experience.





Orders require 72 hours’ notice. Products and services available while supplies last. Information and prices are valid through September 30, 2020 and subject to change without notice. Special requests are priced accordingly. We reserve the right to limit quantities. While we make every effort to accommodate dietary needs, all menu items may contain or come into contact with allergens, including wheat, fish, eggs, soy, nuts, or dairy products. All foods are refrigerated and may require reheating before serving. B. Co. Catering ID #0112. Baltimore City Catering ID #010768. Not responsible for typographical errors.