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Thanksgiving ... Chanukah ... Thanksgivukkah!

For those of the Jewish faith, Thanksgiving 2013 will be brimming over with tradition, giving us even more reasons to be thankful. For the first time in 125 years, the Big Feast and the Festival of Lights coincide.

This rare occurrence will never happen again in our lifetimes. Where Chanukah traditionally shares the stage with Christmas trees, mistletoe and ho, ho, ho, this year Mr. Turkey will have to yield room for brisket, latkes and a round of dreidel.

How do we incorporate both holidays, so strong in tradition, into one celebration? Our Thanksgiving menu makes all of your traditions possible.  Keep with the basics for Thanksgiving. That means, stick with the turkey, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes, but make room for a little improvising.

If you’re feeding a large crowd, think about serving brisket as a second entrée. Instead of sweet potato casserole, try our new Sweet Potato Kugel.

Potato latkes are always a must for Chanukah, and they’re usually served as a side dish. Try serving potato latkes and our new Squash Latkes as an appetizer, topped with gourmet toppings as you would serve bruschetta.

Top your latkes with traditional European-style Applesauce, or get creative by topping the latkes with our Cranberry Relish, smoked salmon, Cibo Naturals Olive Tapenade or Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Onion Jam. This is a colorful and delicious way to get your guests out of the kitchen and into the festivities. For dessert, set out rugelach and Chanukah cookies along with pumpkin pie.

To top off the evening, light candles and exchange gifts. Our Candy and Gift department has unique gifts for all of your guests, including A. Kirchmayr Chocolate Turkeys, Tazo Teas, Mashuga Nuts and much more.

Bask in tradition this year and celebrate this rare and unique Thanksgiving. Enjoy!