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Time for Tapas

Tapas, small plates, appetizers, finger foods ... Whatever you want to call it, it's a fun way to dine and an easy way to entertain. Entertaining tends to be more casual and spontaneous, especially in the summer. Whether you're at the beach or at home on your deck, tapas is the way to go.

Take a stroll around the store to create your own "waves" of small plates. "Waves" are comparable to courses of a meal, in that two or three dishes served together constitute a "wave." Most tapas meals include three waves, plus a fourth wave as dessert. Serve a wave about every 40 minutes for an exciting, yet relaxing, dining experience.

To plan your menu, start at the produce department for locally grown, ripe tomatoes and peaches. Work your way to our cheese and charcuterie section for fresh mozzarella or burrata. You can easily prepare our Burrata with Peaches and Honey. Simply select assorted olives, some Marcona almonds and a wedge of Manchego cheese. Pour your guests a glass of Albarino or Garnacha, and you have your first wave. Our wine department will be glad to select wines to pair with your dishes.

Make your way over to the seafood department for steamed shrimp and mini crab cakes that you can pop in the oven. Our Gourmet to Go department has delicious spinach and feta cakes to round out the second wave. Your guests can sip on a Chardonnay as they anticipate the next surprises that will be served.

Pick up some paella at our Gourmet to Go, full of seafood, sausage and chicken. Add some grilled asparagus with olive oil. Fresh, crusty baguettes from our bakery will complete the third wave. Sit back, relax and enjoy your guests with a glass of Rioja.

Miniature fruit tarts and our new Charlottetown Farm Goat's Milk Fudge from our bakery are a perfect finish for your tapas menu.

Enjoy all the waves this summer, either at the beach or with tapas from Eddie's.