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With the news and events of 2016 still fresh in our minds,
Let’s look forward to 2017 and the flavors we will find.

In 2016 we fermented and pickled, from cukes to kraut,
We need to increase the good bacteria, what’s that all about?

Our chefs soaked and seasoned, refreshed and basted,
We whipped and chopped, folded and tasted.

We aged and cured, marinated and brined,
Catering at Eddie’s is like being wined and dined!

In 2016, tacos were big and so was banh mi,
Quesadillas and tortas and bruschetta for me?

We’ve got farro and wheatberry, amaranth and rye,
Just as we got used to quinoa, we have to ask “why”?

We tried to be healthy, our layered salads kept us fit,
But nothing compared to our pulled pork mac-n-cheese, this dish is still a hit!

We look forward to 2017, with an ever-cautious sigh…
Will it be bone broth, salmon jerky, seaweed or chai?

Brussels sprouts and cauliflower will continue to rule,
But kale is slipping, it’s not quite as cool.

The new year brings us soups and broths to detox and cleanse,
But butter will be bigger, fat is our new friend!

We tasted the delicacies, our aged Iberico ham,
And paired it with Cava, Manchego and jam.

We had our simmer sauces, infused oils and such,
But our pumpkin bars and Kirchmayr chocolates are never too much.

2016 has so much to savor,
Let’s look forward to the new year, full of delicious flavor.

Happy New Year, from your friends at Eddie's.

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